Mental Health Resources

Finding Help: Have you noticed a change in your child’s mood or behavior? Has your child’s behavior become too challenging to manage on your own? Click on the guide below for answers on where to get started.

Local Resources for Children with Mental Health Needs

Local Community Resources

Dallas General Relief | 515.993.1731
Dallas County General Relief may be able to help with emergency food assistance, shelter, or utilities. They offer an online application to complete for eligibility.

Dallas County Health Navigators | 515.993.3750
The Health Navigation program is available to all Dallas County residents. Health Navigators connect clients with resources to meet their needs. This may include filling out paperwork, completing phone calls, or learning how to navigate the healthcare system. The program aims to help clients improve their overall quality of life and advocate for their own health needs.

Drew’s Crews | 515.339.5145
Drew’s Crews assists WCSD families with the costs of activities and extracurriculars to help support more families in connecting their kids to sports, music, art, and theatre. You can apply for support through their online application or with your school counselor.

Employee Family Resources | 800.327.4692
Employee Family Resources is a highly valued resource delivering prevention, treatment, and intervention services that support and enhance the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

Waukee Area Christian Services | 515.987.5523
Waukee Area Christian Services offers many supports to the community in regards to food and health needs:

    • Waukee Food Pantry: The pantry’s mission is to provide nonperishable food and personal items to meet short-term needs of those living in the Waukee Community School District.
    • Waukee Free Clinic: The Free Clinic is a nonprofit outreach that serves the health needs of the uninsured and underinsured in the community.
    • Waukee Area Community Garden: The Fruitful Vine Garden was started in 2009 to provide fresh produce to patrons of the Waukee Area Christian Food Pantry.

Dallas County Closet |
Dallas County Closet is a community-run, nonprofit that accepts clothing donations in order to provide clothing to those in need.

Free & Reduced Families

There are several additional resources, discounts, and waivers available for families eligible for Free & Reduced, including driver’s education, instrument rental, Community Education classes, childcare, transportation, and more. Click the link below to access this additional information.

Additional Resources for Free & Reduced Families