Senior Spotlight: Madison Judas

For this week’s senior spotlight, we are highlighting NWHS senior Madison Judas! 

After discovering her love for triathlons at the young age of 8, Madison quickly found her lifelong passion. With a dream to race in college, Madison has worked tirelessly to accomplish her goals. 

“I believe my work ethic contributed to a lot of different things. It helped me balance academics, triathlon, and relationships, even when I was unmotivated,” she says. 

Madison definitely had to learn the concept of perseverance at a young age. Through the obstacles that naturally occur while participating in a sport, it is important to continue to strive for success. 

“There were definitely challenges. It’s something that we have to accept as athletes. But I think the greatest breakthrough I’ve encountered through perseverance was continuous seasons of personal bests in swimming,” explains Madison. 

Madison is planning to attend Arizona State University in the fall to continue racing triathlons as well as majoring in Business/Finance. The triathlon program isn’t the only thing that appealed to her, however. Madison will be enjoying the warm weather, stunning campus, and big city life at the university. Additionally, Arizona State stuck out to Madison because of the dedication, accomplishments, and sweet personalities of her future teammates on the triathlon team. 

During her time in high school, Madison kept herself quite busy. For the most part, she spent her fall seasons focused on one high school sport (between cross country and swimming). However, the other three seasons of the year consisted of two to three workouts per day and consistent training for the triathlon season. She would usually complete a workout before school, and one or two after school, with homework mixed in throughout the day. She tried to incorporate downtime as best as she could, which would include spending time with her friends and family and attending church.

Madison recalls her favorite memory from high school as:

“Winning state swim this past fall and running with my cross country team for the last time during Cross Country State in 2020!” 

If Madison could give a piece of advice to any athlete, she would encourage them to find something that they enjoy, and pursue it as long as it brings them happiness.

“You won’t look back and remember your results, but the emotions and excitement you felt while competing in the sport. So if you love it, go for it!” says Madison. 

Congratulations to you, Madison! Best of luck in all that lies ahead!